Brighten someones day with these thoughtful DIYS. There's nothing better than sending someone an unexpected smile. For more DIY project ideas, subscribe to the Kin Community YouTube channel:

3 Creative Ways To Make Someone Smile

1. Gift Good Vibes

You can make someone happy with any type of gift, big or small, it doesn't need to be expensive. Studies show that giving is in a way contagious, when an onlooker sees someone being generous it inspires them to do the same! Click here to learn how to make a colorful "Good Vibes" watercolor masterpiece.

2. Brighten Someone's Day

Studies show that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, creating a long-term positive effect on a person's mood. Click here to learn how to make crepe paper flowers that will last through the winter and leave an everlasting smile.

3. Write a Letter To Your Role Model

Write a letter to someone who has inspired you and make them blush! It's the little things in that matter, and showing your appreciation will mean more to that special someone than you might anticipate. Send your letter in style with these customizable paper envelopes and liners.