Home Is


Stephanie Villa travels the world but never feels homesick when she's surrounded by her strong support system of family and friends. Find out Stephanie's favorite morning rituals and what makes her feel most at home. For more videos, subscribe to the Kin Community YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/BlogSubs

Stephanie Villa (SoothingSista) | Home Is

Stephanie Villa is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle vlogger. She uses her adventurous spirit and edgy style to encourage viewers to find their own voice. To watch her latest videos subscribe to her YouTube channel SoothingSista.

Home Is... "Really where the heart is."



From slowly perfecting her apartment...

Stephanie always feels at home when she's with someone she loves, whether it be her mom, dad, sister, or BFF Jenn Im. Growing up in the Bay Area, she always dreamt of living in an ancient victorian home with large than life windows. She envisioned living in a space similar to the one she's in today!


Over a half a year later, and admittedly her apartment is still a work in progress. She works primarily from her desk which pulls up and transforms her living room into a quaint office space.

"This is a very zen area to work."

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To taking time for herself...

Stephanie sets aside time in her busy schedule to relax, and read her graphic novels. She enjoys rocking out to Al Green, Funkadelic, Temptations, and anything that will make her want to get up and dance!

"I think that taking that alone time for myself in this space has really made it into my home."



And building her YouTube empire...

Her wildly successful channel, SoothingSista, covers trending topics and lifestyle advice. Stephanie's videos encourage her viewers to become the person they're truly meant to be.

"I want to put out videos that are genuinely me."


"If I can be a voice, a friend to anybody out there I do belong in this online space then."